Green Snack Bars

Green Snack Bars
(You’ve never tasted greens like this!)

10 oz package of frozen kale or spinach
1-2 Tb cinnamon
2 cups coconut butter, warm enough to pour
3/4 – 1 cup raisins
1/4 cup honey (optional if you prefer more sweetness)

Steam greens according to package instructions. Add cinnamon and stir until it absorbs the steaming water. Let cool a bit.

Finely chop raisins in a food processor until they want to stick together in a big chunk. Add greens to food processor and chop/mix well. Add all other ingredients to food processor and mix well. Alternatively, mix everything in the pan if you don’t want the greens chopped up.

Press into 8×8 or 7×11 pan. (bars will be thicker in 8×8 pan) Refrigerate until firm. Cut into bars with a sharp knife and freeze some to keep from eating them all in two days.

Note: You can make your own coconut butter in the food processor and it’s a lot less expensive. About 18 oz of coconut flakes will make 2 cups of coconut butter. Fill the food processor about halfway, process until it’s all mushed down, then add more flakes. You can keep going until it’s perfectly smooth, but for this recipe it’s good enough when the coconut is in tiny bits and there’s plenty of coconut oil.

Loosely adapted from this recipe.


2 thoughts on “Green Snack Bars

  1. Naomi

    This looks like a great idea! I just got a blender strong enough to make coconut butter, so I’m excited to try things made with it!


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